Friday, January 3, 2014

AG place Dallas

Here are the pics I took at the AG place Dallas 

The last Isabelle book. Just to tell you I couldn't find the first one 

Isabelle's second book 

A random picture of kit because she's so pretty


Me with my dolls 

Another pic of Isabelle 

Isabelle's dance barre

Isabelle's pjs are a lot cuter in person 

The dancers 

Me, Emm, saige, and my friend Emma 

Me talking about how pretty isablle is 

Isabelle's AWSOME studio it's SOOOOO cool

Me with my new two doll tote 

Me next to Isabelle 
Saige just being saige! 

Bye! 😀😀

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

AG place Dallas

So if any one wants me to take a picture of something, just comment 



Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saige the gymnast

I got this awsome gymnastics out fit from my cousin and saige really wanted to wear it sobered are some pics: 
 Wait.. Why is the doll sitting in the chair and the human on the floor! Haha 

 The awsome bun my mom did. 😊

 Yay! Saige won the gold medal! 

Bye! Happy new year! 

~ Maggie 😃😃

Monday, December 30, 2013


I made this flipagram just for saige! We love you saige you will never be forgotten! 


 Hi! Today I just thought I'd show you some pictures of isablle. this is just my opinion but I feel like they came up with Isabelle's story's in the shower! So here are some pictures: 
 I honestly think she is so beautiful. I like her name but I'm probably going to re-name her Candice. 

I LOVE her shirt even though it looks like an our generation out fit. 

So I hope you like isablle and I know that I will miss saige SOOOOO much! She was like the best GOTY ever! 

If you like them that's your opinion and I just told you my opinion and every one feels different so if you think your going to like her story's great! 😃😃

Maggie 😉

My friend is going to have a party for isablle! (GOTY 2014)


My friend Sydney from the AGFMB invited me to her isablle party! So here is the link to her blog where her virtual  party will be held : here are some pics that I found on my Instagram. 

Here is mini isablle 

I feel like this year went by WAY to fast and that saige should be the GOTY longer but I'm really excided for her. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

My crazy dog

This is my crazy dog, twix: 
Isn't he cute? I took this picture yesterday with my friend and I used a beautiful mess to cosumize it!